Reader Reviews

What readers have said about Dabresha Goes to France:

“I laughed, I cried, I had chills, I couldn’t put it down!  I loved the whole way Anastascia Duchesse shaped the characters, their lives and the transformation of Dabresha!  [The author] is a natural and one is definitely drawn into the story – it was amazing to read and we know that [she] is going to make a difference- a light and salt in this dark world! ”  -T.G., San Diego, CA

“A fun and compelling read written in a strong and poetic style. It is an impressive first volume…”  – T.L., Denver, Colorado

“I loved it! I think it’s a really unique story and Dabresha is a warm, relatable, wonderful character. Her whole journey is fantastic – from who she was to who she becomes after France. Thanks so much for this story – it is a breath of fresh air!”  -M.R., Los Angeles CA

Dabresha Goes to France is a powerful and touching story of personal change. Anastascia Duchesse is a gifted and talented writer – those who are seeking to leave their comfort zone and transform their life will be able to relate to her work” -R.O., Long Beach, CA

“I was captured right away.  It’s rather inspiring and I hope it is [the] first of many…”  -D.V., Los Angeles, CA

“A great read, very engaging. The characters are easy to relate to and the main character literally grows up as you read the book. I was not disappointed ” -P.T., El Monte, CA

“This perfectly paced, young adult novel is A MUST READ especially during COVID-19 times and for college students, especially women. As a college student-reader who is back at home due to the pandemic, I can feel the pressure that Dabresha is going through in getting your own place, and comparing yourself with friends, or wondering where you would be if you took alternate decisions, like Jakeisha. Characters like Mrs. Vanderkamp made me laugh because those people still exist in academia, despite the book’s setting in the 2000s. If you are looking for hope and questioning life at the moment, or a traveling fanatic or just looking for a book on adventures- then Dabresha Goes to France is for YOU!” -A.L., Laredo, TX