Dabresha Goes to France

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Dabresha Goes to France; An Urban Girl’s Adventure Outside of her Comfort Zone is the first book released under the Chateau Foveo brand. The coming-of-age urban adventure novel, written by Anastascia Duchesse, details the life of Dabresha Davis, a tough-minded Texan who grew up in a neighborhood where drama, police nonsense, and poverty are no stranger to its inhabitants.

Dabresha is a fresh community college student with a love for partying, clubbing, and dancing. She also has an eye for stylish fashion, thanks to her late mother, a supplementary bad spending habit, and a slight temper. She gives minimal effort in her classes and stays in school solely to appease her irritable stepfather, and uses the campus environment as her main means of socializing and staying linked to parties.

 When she is approached with an unthinkable idea, an opportunity to apply for a scholarship to take classes in Europe, she brushes the idea off right away and deems it foolish. Her surroundings taught her that going anywhere outside of the South was too difficult or just not all that important, and that traveling could only be done by ‘first-class’ wealthy people with private jets and extravagant careers.

As tensions begin to mount between her boyfriend Darrien, her stiff-necked boss at her sub-par job, and with her bratty little sister Delilah at her family home, she starts to view the seemingly foolish opportunity as a chance to temporarily escape her drama-filled life in Texas. Against the wishes of her best friend, she decides to apply for one of the craziest things she’d ever think she’d do. 

If Dabresha’s application gets approved, will she be able to conquer the criticisms and fears that her small-town environment instilled in her to garner the courage to board her first plane? Will she be able to survive a summer across the world without her family, her friends, and above all, without money?

Self-discovery, renewing of the mind, changing of perspectives, and true love may all lay ahead in Dabresha’s adventure if she can commit to taking the chance. Follow ‘Bre’ from fear to fight as she leaves small-town to pursue international dreams!

[A portion of every sale of Dabresha Goes to France is set aside to benefit Mission B.R.E. Voyagency, the author’s aspiring non-profit organization dedicated to funding study abroad scholarships, language courses, and travel assistance to underprivileged youth and their families.]